Ever misspelled gooogle.com or gogle.com and still ended up on the correct webpage? It is because Google, like many other companies, bought out close-sounding/similar or misspelled domains and redirected them to the correct website. This is usually done for a few reasons:

  1. Companies know people will misspell in a rush and to lose that traffic/clientele over a misspelled word is not worth a few extra dollars spent.
  2. Companies try and avoid possible competition/scammers stealing website traffic/clients
  3. It is done in order to protect the business from money extorsion from what is known as cyber-squatting.

No one is immune to cybersquatting, with Apple, Microsoft, and Google falling victim to those practices.

As a result, it is very important to spend a little money at the beginning and purchase a few versions of the company name ending as .com, .net, and a custom one like .shop or .store.

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